The Constitution Trumps Political Royality

All over this country, government officials have taken on the role of a dictatorial nanny who feels they have the right to declare Constitutional rights of American citizens null and void thru Executive Orders and other such edicts. I’m truly amazed there has been a lawsuit filed somewhere challenging these unconstitutional power grabs.

Marquis de Blasio has deployed his Brown Shirts to the various entries leading into New York City to enforce his royal decrees and has warned everyone there will be “substantial” penalties levied against those peasants that would dare violate his imperial orders.

The Duke of Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont, has declared there will be a $10,000 fine on business that ignores his unconstitutional orders.

In the Duchy of Vermont, Duke Phil Scott plans to interrogate schoolchildren and their parents as who was at their Thanksgiving dinners. He’s “encouraging” businesses to do the same.

Then we come to the Duchy of North Carolina where His Grace Duke Cooper has issued his own rules but I have not yet seen or heard what form of punishment he and Baron and Baroness Alston and Vaughn have concocted. It’ll be good whatever it is I’m sure. And I’m pretty sure our High Sheriff will fall into line, eager to exercise his newly invested power and maybe a chance to make a name for himself.

I know I’m going to get the usual amount of hell from the usual people, but I really don’t care about that. Let me pre-answer some of the ravings. Yes, I do care about others. Since I never really know where and what my family members are doing and there is no way to know where or how they may have gotten infected if it ever happened. I take precautions and voluntarily wear a mask out of respect and courtesy to others, not because I bow to anyone’s edicts. In other words I at least try to act like a responsible adult capable of independent thought and common sense. I don’t need some power hungry politician telling how to live my life. If I think something is dangerous or a potential hazard I do my best to avoid it.

When God decides he’s going to call you it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do. Political decrees won’t mean squat.

Alan Marshall

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