Danger To The 2nd Amendment

Bunker Joe Biden is on record as being for the infringement of American citizens 2nd Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Let me pause for a moment while the rabid anti-gun lobby’s flying monkeys and other brainwashed minions go on their usual mindless rants… ok, that’s enough time.

Biden and his soon-to-be-replacement Harris have openly called for a “mandatory buy-back of weapons of war.” Note the key word there…”mandatory”. Also, would someone on the alt-left (my new description) please tell me what a “weapon of war” is? And before you answer, remember wars have been fought with everything from fists to rocks to spears to knives to swords, so that being said, go ahead and show us your TRUE colors.

“Mandatory” buy-backs, outright bans on selected types of guns, at least for starters, as many roadblocks as possible being thrown up to prevent people from legally purchasing and owning guns. The next and most logical step when these tactics are ultimately shot down by SCOTUS is to go after ammunition. Expect ridiculous taxes being placed on purchases, limits on amounts purchased mandatory registration on purchases.

Another tactic is going to be a mandatory federal registration system of all firearms. Let me rephrase that. A mandatory federal registration system of all LEGALLY own firearms. Why go after criminals when you have a whole bunch of low hanging fruit in the form of people who try to play by the rules only to get the hammer dropped on them by a future socialist/fascist government.

Not since the War Between the States has this country been on the brink of open, violent conflict. Regardless of which way the Presidential election goes, there are going to be plenty of radical people who are going to use the results as an excuse for violence. And when they start, the other side will use that as their excuse to take their own action. And politicians on both sides will side will use the unrest as an excuse to exercise and consolidate their power over the American people. Everybody loses except them. What the solution is I don’t know.

Alan Marshall

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