How Deep The Rot

So let me see if I have this straight…the (National Socialist) Democrat Party spent millions of taxpayer dollars and wasted valuable legislation time, not to mention creating deeper divisions among the American people, claiming President Trump was tied to the Russian government yet not being able to produce one iota of physical proof of anything. But when documented proof of involvement with a known Chinese spy by a member of THEIR party is brought to light they claim there’s no there there. And then, when he IS placed in a highly sensitive position where he could potentially subvert the safety and security of the United States (how that happened is still an unexplained mystery) and it’s found out that even after he was warned about the fact that this was a Chinese espionage agent, he has been and still was in contact with this spy. And only after that is publicized is this individual “unfriended” on social media. This in addition to the Chinese spy that was driving another high ranking Democrat for a number of years.

Then there is the (National Socialist) Presidential candidate whose family has taken pages from the La Cosa Nostra playbook on power and money grabbing and not concerning themselves about silly things like morals or national security as long as they can make a buck. Oh, and unlike the Russia, Russia, Russia mantra, there is, again, documented proof and an actual active investigation by law enforcement. But the Godfather himself is insulated because of “plausible deniability”. You know, the old Sgt. Shultz “I know nothing…NOTHING!” defense.

And let’s add to this witches brew the actions taken by the graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism, or more accurately the LACK of action. Not until their Masters in the self-styled, self-proclaimed Biden “transition team” granted them permission to go ahead and (for once) tell the truth, or at least their version of it. Forget that they, along with so many others (PBS, YouTube, Twitter…you get the picture) assisted the (National Socialist) Democrat Party in creating chaos in the system by which we select those that are supposed to lead us by stuffing the ballot box in so many ways then act offended when they get caught.

All said and done, if the ‘rats actually had any morals and shame, the irony of the last 4 years would be awesome.

God save the Republic.

Alan Marshall

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