What If…

It appears that the (National Socialist) Democrats have successfully pulled off the largest case of voting fraud in the history of the United States. But it creates a question a major question that as hard as I look I can’t find the answer to.

What if all these investigations reveal there was in fact wide spread voting fraud and illegal activity both on the State and Federal level. And in that revelation it is determined that President Trump did in fact win the election. What then?

I cannot find anywhere an answer to that question. This situation has never been faced before and most likely never conceived of. Would Biden and his soon to be replacement be removed from office and President Trump installed? Would it be a case of “too bad, so sad” and Biden remains in office (at least until they decide to replace him with Harris)? Either way, half the country would be outraged, like they aren’t already, at the final call.

Add to this witches brew of fraud and deceit the graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism who hide under the title of unbiased reporter, mainstream media, and social media. They bent over backwards, in spite of being obvious about it, to hide the facts about the Biden crime family and their activities.

To say this did not affect the election outcome as much as the illegal activities of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party in manipulating the results in key states is a sham. A poll showed that 10 percent of Democrat voters were not aware of the Biden family activities and had they known it would have affected their vote. This shows that there is a severe problem with people not paying attention to what is being done by the people they seem to blindly follow. It shows a lack of desire by people to research, on their own, on the candidates and their positions and instead relay on the MSM and social media for their information.

My whole point is supported by the fact that AFTER November 3rd they started letting the truth trickle out until recently when it started becoming a flow. And you’ll also notice that they are still suppressing it by concentrating more on the fight to save our election process.

The talk of succession is beginning again. I can’t say I support that, but lately I am beginning to think I can’t dismiss it either.

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