Rampant Paranoia Within the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo

As of the Monday prior to the Inauguration, if what is happening is a vision of things to come under the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo and their leader, Sleepy Joe Biden, aka the illegitimate President of the United States. (I can hear the hypocritical howls now!)

 Let’s start with the level of paranoia running rampant through the DC swamp. First the Biden mob wanted the ammunition and magazines taken away from the Guards because of concerns over Biden’ safety. Then you have Congress critters claiming that because the Guard is ‘over 90% are male and only 25% voted for Biden. They are seriously expressing concerns that a Guardsman may try to kill Biden. They even have the FBI conducting background checks on the Guard members in DC. They’ve got DC looking like the Green Zone in Baghdad. Why? Because they are scared.

Then there are the calls for selected members of Congress to be removed from office, in essence disenfranchising the votes of hundreds of thousands of citizens because the ‘rats want them gone in order to ensure they have the votes to push through their socialist agenda. They want, they NEED the opposition silenced and/or removed from Congress. And they will pervert and destroy the Constitution to do it, the consequences be damned.

But the one thing they are actively, openly attempting will, without a doubt, be the trigger, will be the last straw, is their calls for out and out censorship of anything or anybody that disagrees or attempts to counter their propaganda. Several Congress members and Big Tech mouthpieces have flat out said that Conservatives need to be silenced by any means. They need to keep the people ignorant of what is really happening and only fed what they want them to believe. Knowledge and information is power and they want to control both.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party is only a few steps away from changing their name by dropping the Democrat part and revealing who they really are. They are trying to “legally” form their own Secret Police to “combat domestic terrorism”, which will be defined by them. Care to guess who will be included?

For you haters that have been waiting for this opportunity, I’ve got the coffee on for when the FBI you called show up on my doorstep to ask about my participation in the Capital break-in.

Alan Marshall

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