My Reply……”Bring It”

In the January 18th Rhino Times Letters to the Editor an individual calling themselves “Carl Ford” decided it would be a good idea to begin doxxing me by releasing some personal information about me, specifically my home address. And he did it by trying to make it look like a puzzle within the reply itself including the fact that I’m a Town Council member here in Pleasant Garden. Below is my reply to this whiny little cowardly bitch…

Carl Ford on January 18, 2021 at 3:48 PM

The amount of crazy an elected official sends to this paper is unnerving. There’s been like 2318 letters from this guy.”

“joe biden,

having had time to consider, I’m really not surprised that a whiny, liberal, sweatpants wearing, parents basement dwelling, spineless, no balls liberal showing how cowardly they are by hiding behind a pseudonym and trying to intimidate and threaten someone by releasing their personal information in the hope that something will happen to them. I know the fact that I’m retired so there is no employer to go after really irritates you.

I’m sure your other little (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo liberal friends around here are jumping up and down clapping their hands and laughing gleefully happy that someone had the where with all to go after the big scary (insert the appropriate name here) ‘ist and taking him down a notch. It’s so much easier to that then actually try to defend your position in an intelligent and adult manner, aka ” I can win the argument so I’ll just attack the messenger” tactic.

I really don’t know what you hope to accomplish other then put people in potential danger (by that I mean them, not me) should some wack job take it in their mind to try to do something stupid.

Granted, all the information you’ve put out there, so far, IS available in the public domain, but it’s the moral (something you obviously don’t have) point of encouraging violence, albeit unspoken and indirectly through unspoken suggestion, against me and mine. Again, a usual gutless (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo liberal tactic.

I will close this with two simple words…………bring it.”

Here is another reply made by someone calling himself “Ricky Chapman”. Notice how similar it is to the one I just posted.

Ricky Chapman on January 14, 2021 at 2:12 PM

You may have already read a similar comment on his Jan. 12 letter, but I want to make sure it is accessible to as many people as possible:

Alan Marshall is an elected official in Pleasant Garden. He once said that he cares what his constituents think and because of his position it is assumed he represents, through his public actions, those constituents.

His continued promotion of conspiracies, attempts at actualizing works of fiction, consistent use of false information or twisting facts to fit his point are counter to what an American should want or expect from an elected official.

Regarding the merits of this message – There were many politicians, Democrats and Republicans, abhorred throughout the summer for issues varying from the murder of civilians by law enforcement officers to the broken window at the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro. At an activists rally and walk to the polls, police in Alamance county pepper sprayed a group of civilians for not clearing fast enough. Their official stance was that the people had permission to kneel in the street for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as a symbolic gesture asking for justice, but when those same people were not clear of the street after 9 minutes (that’s 14 seconds later) that was justification to use pepper spray to clear the crowd. So yes, the elected officials were reacting just as extremely, if not more, to the race-related protestors this summer. You are describing a hyperbolized recanting of American histories in cities you were not in, based on news and reports that were designed to be either entertaining or act as propaganda before they were meant to be truly informative to the public. No one is saying “looting and burning is okay” through their words or their actions. People have been arrested across the country for violent acts during otherwise peaceful protests. As such, people involved in disrupting the principles of this democratic republic by violently sieging on the US Capitol during an especially important part of our democratic process should be investigated, tried, and sentenced. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing, so even if you are disappointed that not enough rioters and looters were prosecuted in the last year, you should still want violent insurgents – many of which who were elected officials and active or off-duty law/service members – to be investigated, tried, and sentenced for their crimes. If a group of civilians marched into the Pleasant Garden Town Hall with zip ties and in a rage to disrupt official town business, I assume you would want the people responsible held accountable. What makes this worse, and terrifying, is that Republican officials in the days and weeks leading up to the events called for more people to fight and take back their country and “stop the steal” – as though they do not believe in the process of law and order that certifies our incredibly secure elections – one in which EVERY SINGLE STATE certified their results and only sent one set of electors.

Over your last few posts you have started to use the phrase politiburo. I suspect you know that most people don’t know what that word means. A politiburo is the principal policymaking committee of a communist party. The Democratic Party is not a “National Socialist Democratic Party” and your continued effort to paint it that way is tiresome.

You point to this adding “fuel on the fire” but completely absolve yourself of an responsibility, to try to put out that fire, an an elected official representing republicans, democrats, independents, and non-voters.

If nothing else, all I want is that people recognize the childish, misleading, and dangerous rhetoric that Alan Dean Marshall, an elected official in Pleasant Garden, regularly displays. I want you to question, if you live in Pleasant Garden (or if he ever runs for a more significant post, anywhere in the area), whether this man really is representing you well as well as those that didn’t vote for him. His job is actually to represent ALL of his constituents, yet his words are more reminiscent of another elected official upon winning a seat in Congress: “Cry more, libs”. Even if you disagree with my politics and philosophical beliefs do you really want your leader (or future leaders) to be telling your neighbor to go cry more instead of helping them solve their problems?

I hope not.

I apologize for any minor typos, I know they can be distracting.

Finally, I’d like to point out to you all intentionally to the fact that my comment isn’t relying on name calling or threats. It is possible to share your thoughts like an adult without resorting to insults, bullying, name calling, and threats.”

As I pointed out, what we are seeing is a typical tactic of the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo sycophants, making veiled threats in an attempt to silence or intimidate me and mine. Folks, I’ve been threatened by all kinds of people and quite frankly don’t care. Do I take precautions? Of course. But what really sets me off is when innocent people around and associated with me are put in danger by reckless actions by these cowards. Let one of them get hurt, and as I used to tell my troops when I was in the military, “I will come down on you so hard you’ll think God is taking out the worlds sins on YOU!”

You also saw my reply…and I mean it. You want a piece of me? BRING IT!

This is what we have to look forward to from the minions of the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo. These people have no morals, no concern about anyone other then themselves. They think they’ve been empowered to force those of us who care about this country to bow to their demands.

To that I say it again”’


One thought on “My Reply……”Bring It”

  1. This is part of the much bigger plan. Our education system was the first part. History has been corrupted by failing to teach that this has happened before. The vast majority have no idea that our Country is following the playbook of the National Socialist Party of Germany in 1933. All the National Socialist Democrat Party needs now is another false flag incident in order to suspend the Constitution and implement its agenda without any political opposition. You can see their plan already in action by their words in Congress. May God have mercy on us.


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