Is It Time to Fly the Flag Inverted?

By the Flag Code, flying the American Flag upside down, or inverted is a sign of danger or disaster. Is it time to do so now?

So it’s the first day of President (?) Biden’s time in a stolen office and already he took action to end 50.000 American jobs with the stroke of a pen. So much for Build Back America. That’s got to be a record for totally ignoring and breaking a campaign promise, something we will be seeing more of in the (literal) days to come.

And I’m seeing the foot soldiers of the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo marching, looting, burning, and threatening police. Will Bunker Joe call them racists? Speaking of which I found it so funny that Joe’s speech talked about healing the country after using a broad brush to paint innocent Americans as racists and ignoring the calls for “reeducation” and “deprogramming” and blacklisting of people that disagree with the Politburo line.

Before 24 hours had passed Joe has managed to destroy almost all the progress that was made in 4 years to restore America to the status of the power plant it was. And I suspect that before his 100 days are over the people that put and are keeping him power (for now) will begin bulldozing the still burning rubble.

The graduates of the Goebbels School of Journalism have already begun their fawning and quite honestly have given me more reason not to accept their pabulum. Anybody wants to take bets on how long it will take the Hunter Biden fiasco to quietly fade away and allow “the big guy” to return to getting his share. In addition they are leading the charge for censorship of those that they don’t like or agree with.

As I said before, everything that has made America stronger and more prosperous is already being torn down. Energy independence, historically low unemployment (pre-pandemic), a red hot stock market, more money in the pockets of working Americans, better border protections and at least serious attempts to deal with illegal aliens in this country. Now we’re looking at a return to high unemployment, higher taxes which equals less money in your pocket, touchy-feely policies that will hurt the average American, over regulation, and worst of all, persecution of what used to be free Americans for having their own indecent thoughts, lives and beliefs, speaking of which, the war on faith and religion is about to go nuclear.

While we’re still allowed to, we need to pray for America for at least the next 2 years and hope we can have a fair election in an attempt to at least slow or hopefully stop the rot that is upon us..

Alan Marshall

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