It Begins

There is an old saying, be careful what you wish for because you’re liable to get it. And that looks like the case with Biden.

In a flurry of the equivalent of imperial edicts, Biden has managed to completely upend a major section of the American economy. In the stroke of a pen, he destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans, created a major point of strife with our neighbors to the north and set into motion ripples that will soon lead to bigger economic issues across the country. If his intention was to destroy the accomplishments of President Trump as quickly as possible, he got at least one thing right.

In addition to this, the true nature of the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo has come into full view. They are going far beyond what has normally happened whenever the White House and Congress changes parties. Given the vitriol coming out of ‘rats in Congress, it sounded more like Stalin’s purge of the USSR when he attained power.

The next two years are going to be interesting. With the help of a handful of RINOs, self-identified RINOs by actions, the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo knows they have the run of things for at least that time period and you can count on them working as hard as possible to enshrine these illegal actions that got them into power and will do everything…everything to ensure things don’t change.

I was once told that hatred was based in fear. The more you fear something, the more you hate it. That sounds a lot like the attitude towards President Trump and his accomplishments. I will be the first to admit that he was far from a perfect president. Yes, he had a level of smugness and to some extent arrogance about him, but that’s what set him apart from 98 percent of the occupants of the swamp. They hated him because he was beholden to no one. In other words, he couldn’t be bought.

Biden is dangerous. He appears to be a loose cannon, but I wonder. I am still convinced he is being manipulated by the ‘rats that are truly in power.

If you are a true American patriot who is concerned about the direction of the next two years, be vigilant. Watch, study, research and most of all, speak out. They win using shadows and deception. We win by using truth and light.

Alan Marshall

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