The Constitution Trumps Political Royality

All over this country, government officials have taken on the role of a dictatorial nanny who feels they have the right to declare Constitutional rights of American citizens null and void thru Executive Orders and other such edicts. I’m truly amazed there has been a lawsuit filed somewhere challenging these unconstitutional power grabs. Marquis deContinue reading “The Constitution Trumps Political Royality”

They Admit What We Already Knew

I would say “is this where we are headed?”, but based on what has been going on for a while now I say instead “they are finally admitting their moral crime and admitting their ultimate goal…the destruction of the First Amendment.” Read any of the early advocates of Marxism/Communism/Socialism and one of the first thingsContinue reading “They Admit What We Already Knew”

Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night

One of Creepy Uncle Joe’s close advisors on the Covid-19 situation has presented a plan calling for another national lockdown but with a new twist. Not only lock down small and middle sized businesses, but also pay people their lost wages and those businesses their lost profits. So let me get this straight… that whichContinue reading “Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night”