Unintended Consequences

I recently posted the following on the website ‘Nextdoor Pleasant Garden’ with the caption “Who’s with me?”… It has generated quite a bit of discussion. About 85% of it has been support for the message both signs show. About 10 % of it has been about supporting police but still holding them accountable for theirContinue reading “Unintended Consequences”

America…A Third World Country?

Welcome to the United States of America…a third world country. Major U.S. cities burning. Elected officials sitting on their thumbs with a “can’t we all get together” whine in their voice asking the thugs and animals to please calm down. LE officers being attacked and in some cases seriously injured trying to do their jobsContinue reading “America…A Third World Country?”

Quicksand Ahead

There’s a dangerous precedent being set in Washington D.C. and we’re allowing it to happen (surprise, surprise) or even encouraging it. We’re allowing the Federal government to direct something that is and should be the exclusive business of states and local municipalities. Congress is attempting to get involved in the training, oversight, and control ofContinue reading “Quicksand Ahead”

Silent Majority Silent Too Long

The following are headlines from a news site on line… “Senate committee votes to require renaming of military bases named after Confederates” “Prestigious music college practically trips over itself in profuse apology for letting cops use restrooms during protest “ “Majority of Americans now say it’s OK for NFL players to kneel during the nationalContinue reading “Silent Majority Silent Too Long”