Circling the Drain

Ladies and Gentleman, will the last sane, reasonable, level headed, THINKING person in this country please fold the flag and turn out the lights on your way out. I just saw the following headline… Cosmetic giants remove the word ‘whitening’ from products, realtor association stops using the word ‘master bedroom’ The Court of Master SommeliersContinue reading “Circling the Drain”

What Will Happen If…

More and more we hear about police departments as well as officers being under attack and being the target of defunding or disbanding movements. They are claiming they can replace law enforcement with social and psychiatric workers who can handle situations without force or firepower.  The Minneapolis city council is already well on their wayContinue reading “What Will Happen If…”

The Brutal Truth

The radicals, the socialists, the Marxists, the communists…in other words leftists and members of the (Nationalist Socialist) Democrat Party have reveled their ultimate plan. They are out to completely strip away any and everything that is the identity of the United States of America. Comrade Pelosi has said “I’m concerned about slavery in our country.”Continue reading “The Brutal Truth”