Who Will Stand With Me

Here’s something interesting.

I decided I wanted to purchase a Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun. I called around to gun dealers in the area as far out as Kernersville and was told by each of them that they not only had none in stock, but they cannot get any right now. Their suppliers are not getting any either and cannot say when they will have any available. One dealer even said they have no tactical style shotguns or rifles in stock and don’t know when they will get any in.

Additionally I asked about ammunition. I was told by most stores they are either low or out of 9mm. Some are restricting the sale of 5.56mm/223 calibers to 3 boxes per purchase. Again, they can’t say when or how much they will get in from their sources.

Part of the problem is that truckers have expressed reluctance to carry cargo to cities where there have been widespread protests and rioting. This is affecting the replenishment of all categories of goods. As one example, if you’ve been to the Food Lion in Forest Oaks lately you see more than normal empty or near empty shelves, and I don’t mean just the toilet paper, paper towel, liquid hand soap and various sanitizers. I want to make it clear this is not the fault of the store or its management staff. They are an awesome group of people and a pleasure to interact with. And I don’t believe it’s the fault of the upper management of Food Lion itself. These shortages are costing them profits.

Another thing becoming more widespread is the spinoff from the calls to defund, or as I put it, defanging police departments across the country. Families, friends, and open supporters of LEOs are being shunned, insulted, mistreated, and in an alarming number of cases threatened with physical violence. Their homes are being vandalized, their children bullied, their lives in general badly disrupted. Some people are afraid to openly express support for the police. I, on the other hand, (being the right-wing radical fire brand that I am) have a sign in my front yard in full view of the street that says in big letters “WE SUPPORT OUR POLICE Thank you for protecting our families and community” It’s right there with my other yard sign that says “I’m a Proud Christian American”

I won’t hide who and what I am. I also won’t hesitate to stand up for it. I gave 20 years of my life (and a couple of other things) standing up and defending this country and if called upon I’d do it again.

I am so NOT woke, I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall  

How Did This Happen

A city in Minnesota is considering removing the word “chief” from supervisory job titles because it might offend Native Americans.

The CEO of Chick-fil-A is suggesting white people should shine the shoes of black people “to express shame for racism”.


If you doubt me about any of this just Google it.

At this rate, anyone not considered woke enough or disagrees with these whackos will be rounded up and dragged off to reeducation camps. And the truly scary part is the people pushing this is are allowed to operate heavy machinery (i.e. cars}, own a gun, and vote!

Is this really how the greatest country in the world, a country that played a significant role in stopping the subjection of the world, that survived a civil war early in its formation, that went from the Wright Brothers to Neil Armstrong in the temporal blink of an eye, going to end?

Between this out-of-control insanity and the pandemic the Lords and Ladies are happy as can be. Not only is this allowing them to consolidate the power they’ve already acquired, it’s going to give them more control over what they consider the great unwashed masses of peasants. They are able to have their legions of paid minions on the streets to keep the chaos going. Paid by whom you ask? Some by direct cash payments from questionable sources but the majority are being paid by us, the people that don’t have time to spend days out protesting because we have jobs…jobs that pay taxes…taxes that gets collected by the Lords and Ladies under threat of imprisonment…then gets handed out to people who can’t work (deserving) and to people who WON’T work (undeserving). I wonder what the real numbers are for each group.

A poll says a third of people believe there is going to be a second Civil War. While I don’t put much credence into polls, I believe that number is too low. Hope I’m wrong.

As I write this President Trump is going to have a rally. I predict the leftist, socialist, lawless mobs are going to be there and there is going to a bloody outcome. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

 I am so NOT woke, I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall

“To Arms, To Arms!”

Folks, Big Brother and his Thought Police along with their minions are here and running rampant over our God given rights to free expression. The head coach at OSU is shown wearing an OAN tee shirt on a fishing trip and snowflakes on the football team wet their panties and had a temper tantrum over it. Sycophants on ESPN held their breath and beat their little baby fists on their desk and called him names while demanding he be fired for not only having unapproved thoughts and beliefs but expressing them. Facebook deleted one of my letters my wife posted on her page. No warning, no explanation, no nothing. That’s why I started alanscorner.blog instead of a Facebook page, why I don’t Tweet, or engage in other social media.

The dangerous part of all this is if you express thoughts or ideas, advocate for or take actions that are counter their agendas or contrary to how they demand you act or think they will dox you, pressure your employer to take action against you, harass and threaten your friends, your neighbors, in essence do whatever they can to make your life a living hell. Ladies and Gentleman (yes, there are only two genders…deal with it) that’s the world outlined in the books 1984 and Animal Farm, two books that were mandatory reading when I was in school and should be today. It is here! We are living it! And very few people are willing to push back against it. The majority just clutch their pearls and fan themselves while complaining of suffering from the vapors.

The only way this stops and get reversed is for the same majority to put on their big boy pants, quit worrying about being called racist, homophobe, sexist, or whatever. Business and corporations are going to have to man up and grow a set and tell these whiny, butt hurt little creampuffs who, I might point out, are a minority of their clients and customers, thank you for your opinion but we’re here to make money and create jobs, not be your club to remake the world into your ideal utopian toilet.

I’ve been told I’m tilting at windmills, but once people begin to realize derogatory terms like racist, sexist, etc. have been overused to the point that they’ve lost their potency things will change.

I’m so NOT woke, I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall


When people see situations running the gamut from the Hildabeast getting a pass from someone who believed she was going to be his boss soon to the current situation involving Mr. Floyd and others, both published and un published, it’s not hard to believe why people believe there is a two tier justice system where who you know gets you better treatment then the common person.

Look at the statue of Lady Justice. There are five symbols, three of which are supposed to reflect the three things most important in our system of justice, yet they are being completely ignored.

The serpent being trampled underfoot represents evil and lies.

The book represents the laws made by men which are part of the bedrock of civilization.

The sword symbolizes final justice swiftly administered.

The scales depict the weighing of evidence and how evidence should stand on its own.

Finally there is the blindfold she wears. This represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status. Let me say that again. It represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status. For the most part this has been the case…for us commoners. But for other people, those in positions of power at all levels, those of wealth, those symbols mean nothing because they feel they are above all that. Because of who or what they are they have a different set rules that they get to write as it suits them or their lackeys.

The other thing is they couldn’t get away with this unless the people who were given the sacred duty, who took an oath before man and God, to administer those rules and laws equally to all no matter who or what they are. And has always been my mantra, the finger of blame needs to be pointed at everyone who sits back, complains somebody needs to do something, then goes back to their Netflix and online shopping saying they don’t have time to participate or don’t want to rock the boat or whine their one vote won’t count for anything. In other words sheeple who passively and willingly line up to be sheared regularly.

Just keep in mind there is only so much we sheepdogs can do on our own. Put down the remote and the mouse and step up.

Alan Marshall

America…A Third World Country?

Welcome to the United States of America…a third world country.

Major U.S. cities burning. Elected officials sitting on their thumbs with a “can’t we all get together” whine in their voice asking the thugs and animals to please calm down. LE officers being attacked and in some cases seriously injured trying to do their jobs while being told by “elected officials” to use a “light touch”, to let “protestors (?) get it out of their systems”. Police being told tell rioters “stop…or I’ll say stop again.”

One thing I suspect is this whole thing is a coordinated effort. It seemed to happen too quickly in too many places simultaneously and appears to be rather well organized. There is one report of someone finding piles, pallets of bricks positioned in the middle of an area of unrest. Antifa and their ancillary organizations (and I do mean organizations) have activated their cells and are directing/leading things.

There was one individual who said they were going to the suburbs next and I believe them. And if that happens it’s truly going to be anarchy. There are more than a few homeowners in those suburbs that are armed and will defend themselves and theirs. You will see neighbors coming together to defend each other. And when law enforcement go after the low hanging fruit, that being American citizens defending their families, their homes their neighborhoods, when they go arrest them and not just take their guns but also prevent them from ever owning a firearm again, they will find themselves on a two front situation. Law abiding citizens will not stand by and lose what they have worked their lives for and will adopt a “if you won’t protect us we will do it ourselves” attitude towards LEOs.

Don’t think these “professional” politicians (an oxymoron) aren’t thinking about the next election during all this. They now find themselves in a no-win situation. They’re just trying to figure out who carries the most power for reelection purposes so they can kowtow and suck up to them. Despite what they might say they only care about one thing…how can I retain my position of power?

I’m going to sit and watch these (Nationalist Socialist) Democrat) nests destroy themselves. The second sentence of Galatians 6:7 apply here…”Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.“ You created this monster Dr. Frankenstein, now own it.

Alan Marshall

Quicksand Ahead

There’s a dangerous precedent being set in Washington D.C. and we’re allowing it to happen (surprise, surprise) or even encouraging it. We’re allowing the Federal government to direct something that is and should be the exclusive business of states and local municipalities.

Congress is attempting to get involved in the training, oversight, and control of local and state law enforcement, in effect nationalizing our police departments. Every time the federal government gets involved in anything that has been a local/state issue it morphs into a federally controlled (read more power and control) program. Once the federal government gets their finger into anything it translates into a loss of control on our level.

The idea of a national database for the purpose of keeping bad police officers from simply going to another department and creating another bad situation is good. It should be expanded to include teachers who have been terminated for inappropriate actions or any other profession that impacts the general public in those ways.

Congress takes our money by force, disguising it by calling it taxes. I concede that a certain amount of that money is necessary for the government to operate. But what we are seeing is so far beyond that. The result is we lose sight of how they use that to sustain and expand their power. Take government money and you’ve given them the opening they need to eventually take control. You do what they say or the money goes away.

Remember also they use part of that money in the Ponzi scheme called Social Security. As the bumper sticker says, “Don’t steal and cheat…the government hates the completion”.

A quick word on the growing insurgent demands…the term is “Dane-geld”.

From “Dane-geld” by Rudyard Kipling

 “It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say:
“Though we know we should defeat you,
we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
but we’ve proved it again and again,
that if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
you never get rid of the Dane.”

Mr. Kipling nailed it. Submitting does not fix the problem. It exacerbates it. They don’t just not go away, they return demanding more and more and more.

I’m so NOT woke. I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall

Silent Majority Silent Too Long

The following are headlines from a news site on line…

Senate committee votes to require renaming of military bases named after Confederates”

Prestigious music college practically trips over itself in profuse apology for letting cops use restrooms during protest

Majority of Americans now say it’s OK for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem”

Country group Lady Antebellum changes name because of ‘blindspots’ they didn’t know existed, including slavery”

School sics cops on 11-year-old after seeing a BB gun in his house during virtual lessons, says it’s no different than bringing a gun to school”

‘Live PD’ canceled; critics now demand changes for ‘PAW Patrol’ and Disney’s Splash Mountain”

NASCAR driver quits because fans can’t bring Confederate flags to races any more”

The silent majority of the United States has remained silent for so long that they have essentially given the majority to the screaming radical, socialist, progressive left and their sycophants. As an old saying in the military went, “there I was completely surrounded, knee deep in hand grenade pins, no ammo, and down to my last broken bayonet.” I really hate sounding so pessimistic but given what I’m seeing and hearing they have us patriots and real Americans back on our heels.

If you try to stand your ground and defend what made this country great you don’t just get called names, something that really doesn’t bother me a whole lot personally, but you can find your livelihood, your property, even the very lives of you and your family at serious risk.

Anyone who knows anything about how the textbook for the planning of an insurrection and overthrow of a government reads, the first thing that must be done is to establish a secure, no-go zone where guerilla fighters and groups can go to rest, resupply, and reorganize without concern. This is not conspiracy theory babble, this is fact. Add to this the calls for the disbanding or defanging of law enforcement and frightening people with the idea that bringing in Guard or activity duty troops to restore order is a military coup instead of supporting the limited number of police available in any city, I see only one path.

One man’s fear monger is another man’s realist.

I am so NOT woke I’m in a coma.

Alan Marshall

What Happens After?

I am sitting here listening to news and commentary in which there are serious discussions about defunding and/or dismantling law enforcement agencies in cities across the country. In one case the city council president and at least two council members have said it’s pretty much a done deal and only needs a formal vote which they imply will go their way. Another city is saying they are going to cut police budgets and give the money to “community based organizations” That’s 1984 NewSpeak for we’re going to try to bribe a bunch of thugs to call off their mindless hordes.

Ladies and gentleman, these power mad Lords and Ladies little red locomotives have chugged around the corner and off the cliffs. Add to this Mayors saying “don’t try to defend your selves, your families, or your property. Call 911 and the police will handle it.” WHAT POLICE? Assuming you haven’t fired them, they’re all busy trying to control the riots and looting stealing all the oxygen from the legitimate protests.

If you notice how this discussion is going, everyone has been dancing around and putting a lampshade on the 600 pound gorilla in the room, that being what is going to happen when you DO eliminate police protection and rioters, looters, and all other types of criminals. Do you honestly believe people will simply stand by and allow them to take over? The results would make what’s happening now look like a Sunday ice cream social. Neighborhood watches would turn into neighborhood militias. Left and right wing extremists would be out like ants on honey. Two words come to mind to describe the results…anarchy and chaos.

The best way to categorize these maniacs, morons, and Nationalist Socialists that want to replace the police with their own versions of Brown Shirts is using a favorite quote from the Roman statesmen Cicero…”A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

One more quote…“The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

― Thomas Jefferson

These people need to be replaced. How and when is up to the people.

Alan Marshall

Our Valley Forge Moment

Further signs we are on the wrong path to the future.

The Army, Navy, and Marines have caved to the woke culture. The Army is walking back their earlier announcement about not renaming military installations currently named for Confederate Generals. {Fort George Floyd?} The Navy and Marines have banned images of the Confederate flag. I expect the Air Force to follow shortly. This means the transformation of the military into a social experiment is near completion. Also expect installations that have names that “offend” other people to be next.

Anyone with any high profile position who does not fall into the {Nationalist Socialist} Democrat leftist radical line, regardless of what political party you belong to, is being instantly attacked in vicious ways that include destroyed reputations, loss of job or business, destruction of personal property and even threats of physical harm or death directed at not just them personally but anyone associated with them, to include family members, who do not disassociate themselves and condemn the heretic.

Along with all the rest of the “social” media, GoFundMe has now started to decide if you’re not woke enough you won’t be able to receive help from others. If you don’t bend a knee to them you will be destroyed.

I’m going to take heat for this but it must be said. What happen to George Floyd was an act of barbarism. The individuals involved, if convicted, need to be placed in the general population, not some special isolation wing, if and when they are sent to prison. Let them reap what they sowed. That being said, the orchestrated extravaganza that was Floyd’s funeral was pure leftist propaganda. Where is all the attention, all the adoration, all the national pomp and circumstance for retired police captain David Dorn, a family man loved by many? Oh, that’s right, he was shot by a black looter, left to die alone on a sidewalk while people stood around and videoed it. Where’s the outrage? Since it doesn’t fit the agenda it’s downplayed. Both men died for no reason yet one becomes a martyr and the other a statistic.

They see us staggering and are keeping up the pressure. We need to reach deep, find that reserve and take back our country. This is the Valley Forge of all real Americans.

I am so not woke, I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall

What Happened

Americans…real Americans, if you love this country, if you love the core beliefs and concepts that made this the country the powerhouse that it has become in such a relatively short period of time within the history of the world…be afraid…be very afraid.

Why? Because when leftist, radical socialist mobs are able to pressure spineless, cowardly politicians into seriously talking about and in some cases beginning to act on the idea of dismantling law enforcement agencies throughout the country we are on the fast track to becoming an uncivilized country ripe for the taking by anyone anytime. Do you doubt it? When was the last time there were any discussions about what’s going on at the southern border. Think about how many assists are being diverted to deal with the nationwide riots and not being used to protect our borders.

Pandering, sycophant politicians operating on the “there go my people. I must follow them, for I am their leader” ideals honestly believe they are going to be able to maintain their positions of power by wetting their fingers and determining which way the wind is blowing and say doing the right thing be damned. Their idea of the “right thing” is “how can I benefit best”. To put this in plain language, they (D and R} don’t care about you, the average hard working American trying to do the right thing, working hard, taking care of you and yours, wanting to live your life your way. I say “they” because inaction is equal to or as bad as extreme action.

The other factor in play is the well organized groups on the left, primarily Antifa, and the moronic extremist right “let’s overthrow the government” militia groups. Anyone who studies tactics can see what is happening. And it doesn’t take a large number of people to organize and lead these mobs. A Special Forces “A” team consists of 12 men, but they are trained to organize, train and lead a battalion size insurgent force. Think about it.

I would love to have the opportunity to debate (debate, not name calling screaming match) anyone who condones and supports the lawless, asinine activities currently tearing apart this great country.

If this situation continues who will be there to keep order? People will do what they feel necessary to protect themselves, their own, their friends and their neighbors.

God help us all.

Alan Marshall